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Our main focus is on original production of films, series and commercials. We are capable of producing your project from scratch, from initial developement of script, across professional production and postproduction to finished product. But sometimes the client is not sure what exactly he wants well, we are here to help you figure that out. In the process of creating something new, every one of us brings experience and unique ideas to the table to give our clients wide range of choices and directions of how to proceed. Besides our stable team, we work with many talents and film professionals to ensure finished product is the best possible. No project is too big or small for us! If there is something interesting, you bet we want to cooperate. It can be a commercial, series, even a short film. Long story short, we love filmmaking in any form, so contact us!

Films and series

We love films and series and what we love even more is making them. We produce our own scripts or in co-production with others. If you have a great idea for a film or series, lets talk about it.


We offer different formats: TV commercials, branded content or advertising videos for internet. We always find the right technique solution for your project (live acton, 2D/3D animation or combination) to get the best result to support brand awarness and accurately reach your advertising goals.

Badger - production app

Are you a film production manager? Are you managing hundreds of people in your crew? We created a new contactless film crew management app called This app is a revolutional tool for film production companies in a way of automatization. It helps to save time and reduce production related costs (for example covid-19 coordination).

Vojta’s early career started in the advertising world, producing many commercials for production houses – STINK, STILLKING and SAVAGE. Working with a variety of clients including brands such as Coca Cola, AirBnb, Exxon Mobile, Budweiser and many more. In 2017 he made his switch over into television production on shows “12 Monkeys”, “The Romanoffs”, “Whiskey Cavalier S1”, “Miracle Workers S2”, “Falcon and the Winter soldier S1” and “White bird”

Vojta Růžička

God of Production

Started as camera operator and editor of TV commercials and TV shows. Then, he moved into UPP VFX house where he worked as an VFX artist and then Head of Roto department. He worked on projects like “Terminator: Dark Fate”, “Gemini Man”, “Painted bird” etc. Later he started producing his own short films, commercials and TV series. At STILLKING production company, he worked on projects like “Miracle Workers S2”, “Falcon and the Winter soldier S1” and “White bird”.

Tomáš Pokorný

Creative Brain

Tina began her career in film in her home state of Louisiana, working on films such as “Season of the Witch” and “Fantastic Four”. In 2015, Tina moved to Los Angeles where she continued to work on feature, television and commercial projects. Tina moved to Prague in 2018 to work on ABC’s “Whiskey Cavalier” and Amazon’s “Carnival Row”. Since she worked in both development and physical production, she’s got all the sauce to bring a project together efficiently and effectively.

Tina Landry

Master of Communication

Frederik built his film career from scratch. On his very first project, czech TV show “The Specialists” he worked as a production assistant. Then he cooperated on several more czech projects and not so long after he leveled up into a big Hollywood production. At STILLKING production company he worked on TV shows like “Whiskey Cavalier S1”, “Miracle Workers S2”, “Oktoberfest”, “Falcon and the winter soldier S1” or feature film “White bird”. 

Frederik Ježek

Lord of equipment

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